WARNING: You're about to read a shocking report that all of the pharmaceutical companies and doctors are furious at me for releasing.

Listen to my story now as I expose the uncomfortable truth about what it really takes for an "average" person to get rid of one of humanity’s greatest diseases forever AND for free.

In just a minute you are going to find out about a breakthrough cure for hemorrhoids (the leading cause of colon cancer) that you will not find anywhere else.

The images are for visualization only.

And you certainly will not learn about this from doctors, the Pharmaceutical industry or the hemorrhoid treatment industry.

Basically, doctors and pharmacies only really make money when they produce drugs that treat hemorrhoids indefinitely. This means they want people taking these drugs for the rest of their lives.

They actually DON'T WANT a cure. Isn’t that messed up?

You will soon discover that, regardless of what type of hemorrhoids you have, whether it's internal, external, prolapsed or thrombosed, and regardless of what your doctor has told you in the past, there is a natural way to cure this affliction.

This breakthrough is based on the combination of scientific studies, tests and experiments that expose the core reasons for hemorrhoids, along with a tonic of natural ingredients that Japanese monks have been using for centuries to help their people recover from the aching pain that comes along with this illness.

The images are for visualization only.

Even if you don't currently have hemorrhoids this message is extremely important to you. It may sound strange but 86% of the global population is, at some point in their life, affected by hemorrhoids.

In this video, I am going to take the mystery out of this ancient cult remedy... I'll show you how it works and why it works... and I will also show you how it's currently helping over 28,739 people around the world live a fuller and more comfortable life.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you will be "blown away" how you can completely and permanently get rid of them in as little as two weeks from today.

Even if your problem is a result of bad eating habits... or if it's from aging...

This "life changing breakthrough" can eliminate the embarrassing moments when you have to use your friend’s toilet, the aching pain when sitting down or even an expensive surgery.

Amazingly, it only requires a few simple ingredients that cost very little that you can put together right now.

So be sure to stay with me until the very end of this report, because I am going to show you exactly what to do.

And you can finally have normal stress-free bathroom visits, without having to excuse yourself so often.

And go from constantly worrying about this embarrassing problem to never thinking about hemorrhoids again for as long as you live… in less than a few weeks from right now.

Now, right inside this brief presentation, I'm going to show you exactly how to use the ancient Japanese monks remedy that I'm talking about ...

And I'll give you the medical research that reveals why this works.

But before I do…


Because you're probably wondering “Is this really possible?”, right?

After all, anyone you've ever known with hemorrhoids has always only seemed to get worse... and the only way to try to live a somewhat normal life is by surgery.

That's been your only option.

That's what all of your friends and even your doctor has always told you.

You either need to go through invasive surgery or you have to suffer through life but in 2 weeks from today you won’t have to hide or deal with your symptoms again...

This kind of experience can leave you feeling isolated and alone.

Fact is, due to the discomfort and stress, often times people with hemorrhoids experience depression. And that just sets you in a downward spiral that is nearly impossible to pull out of.

So if you're feeling skeptical... or puzzled by what I'm telling you right now, I totally get it.

As a matter of fact, most of the 28,739 people who have been cured felt the same way as you do...

But their feelings changed when they tried the treatment for themselves.

Now considering how outrageous these claims are, you probably want to know who I am, and how I discovered all of this.

My name is William Scott.

I'm a professor at a high school in Kansas City. My career has little to do with the story I am about to share with you, and little to do with the breakthrough that is related to the Japanese monks cure for hemorrhoids... but in some respects it has everything to do with it.

The images are for visualization only.

You see, my job requires a certain level of mental aptitude, diligence and a relentless altruism to help others.

To some degree, my work experience and those particular skill sets did come in handy...

But this isn't really about me or my job... It's more about my wife, Mary.

Five years ago, it was Mary’s 50th anniversary, so I planned a surprise for her and invited all our close family and friends.

I managed to prepare everything without her suspecting a thing. It was all planned in the smallest details – I even got a friend of hers to take her out that day for Mary to return to a surprise party.

But when the big day arrived, in the morning, Mary came in the kitchen, while I was having coffee.

She was crying and had a scared look on her face. I immediately panicked.

Embarrassed, she told me she was at the end of the rope with all the secrets and hiding from me.

I looked at her in shock and told her to calm down and tell me what the problem was.

She wiped her tears and told me that for about a month she had been bleeding when using the bathroom and that she was too embarrassed to tell me. She thought it was a temporary thing but it got worse with each passing day.

At that point I realized she had been a little off and a little unwell but I always thought it wasn’t important.

I had always told her if she ever had any medical problems not to hide if from me. Countless times I told her that such a condition isn’t something to joke around because consequences can be even fatal if not treated in due time.

So, we cancelled the party and decided to talk to a doctor to see what could be done. I knew what he was going to say because I did some preliminary research.

And of course, our choices were the classic treatment or surgery.

Mary decided that she wanted to try the over-the-counter creams, ointments, suppositories or pads because she didn't like the idea of surgery.

It didn't take long for her to realize that she was going nowhere with the creams...

As time went by, Mary’s problem became worse and worse. This led to frustration and bitterness. She would get so embarrassed and frustrated that she needed to excuse herself all the time… even from me…  

My once loving, confident and warm social butterfly became withdrawn, isolated, lonely and depressed.

Then, about 2 years ago something miraculous happened that changed everything.

I had stopped in to visit my father at his farm. While I was there, I told him about Mary’s problem...

He then told me there was nothing to be embarrassed about and that we had no reason to worry...

Then he started telling me how he had the same problem in his 50s but how a neighbor of his, Richard Johnson, practically saved his life.

Richard had had the problem himself for a very long time but he found the cure while on an exotic trip in Kyoto, Japan.

The images are for visualization only.

He was the type of guy that likes to meet new people, to overcome cultural barriers and experience the same conditions that natives do so he took the trip to live the ultimate experience – living like monks.

Little did he know that his long suffering would come to an end after 10 expensive years with countless visits to different doctors, costly treatments and zero results.

After only 2 weeks Richard came back a new man.

By a stroke of luck he met a monk that helped him with his sensitive problem.

The monk gave him on an old piece of paper an ancient method used in their community.

The images are for visualization only.

The paper contained a small list of common ingredients and instructions for how to use them.

He was skeptical at first, but he decided to go along with the monk’s words:

"Give it some time and see what happens…"  So he followed the instructions.

As the story goes, Richard’s hemorrhoids were almost cured within a few weeks.

Believe it or not, the solution for my wife was, as usual, in the last place you look.

My father gave me the recipe and told me the exact same words: "Give it some time and see what happens…"

I was a little leery about making the recipe and making my wife take it...

So I decided that I better dig in and do some research to try and figure out the medical reason why this should work.

As I deeply immersed myself into the research, I was shocked at what I found...

Once you analyze the chemical makeup of the natural ingredients, it's amazing how much information you can find that ties them to experiments that the medical community conducted and continues to conduct... even to practices performed by doctors on human subjects.

Positive experiments that lead to profound improvements of hemorrhoids treatment…

Some of the experiments were for hemorrhoids caused by unhealthy food habits and others were based on external germs.

But even with all of the evidence that I found that showed me why this “Miraculous cure” should work, I still didn't have the answer to "how" it works.

Being the curious type, I continued my research. At this point, I had spent a lot of time sitting at the computer searching for answers...

As I continued to dig and turn over clues, I found what I believe to be the "How" in "how the remedy works."

In the recent years, the hemorrhoidal disease has spread to more people than before and this condition will continue to grow at over 75% of the world population at age of 50...

The images are for visualization only.

Here's the thing... nowadays our food habits, our working schedule, our sleep times… our life style has changed to a degree few of us are aware of...

We don’t realize that these aspects influence our digestive system dramatically and facilitate this illness.

More often than not hemorrhoids are associated with low fiber consumption (that can be found in beans, peas or blackberries) that leads to constipation.

The digestive system reacts to an unbalanced diet and results in irregular bowel movement which eventually translates into hemorrhoids.

So the problem was mainly with what and how modern humans eat.

Scientist have made great strides in this field... and it is quite possible that they will figure out how to completely cure hemorrhoids in the next 20 years.

But that doesn't help you today...

They explained that a healthy diet with certain natural chemicals can increase the chances of reducing the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids and can even cure hemorrhoids on a long term because of their properties…

But synthesizing these substances in such a way that they take effect in a relatively short while isn’t something modern medicine can do.

But if it could be done, the results would be miraculous.

This was exactly the information and conclusion I was looking for. Now I was pretty certain about the "how" and the "why" the remedy would work... But something was still missing...

In the back of my mind I kept thinking, "Why hasn't anyone connected these dots?... Why hasn't this information become main stream? Why doesn't everyone know about this already?

Yeah, I'm a smart guy... but there are a lot of smart people in this field who spend all of their time researching this. I know I'm not the only one who has put these pieces of the puzzle together...

So I started asking questions... I had met a few researches and scientists while I was conducting my research... So I reached out to them and shared with them my findings...

The images are for visualization only.

They were not surprised in the least... They admitted that they had the same conclusions... So I simply asked them, "why hasn't this been all over the news?... why isn't this common knowledge?"

The answer that I repeatedly got, made me sick to my stomach!

Brace yourself because if you or someone you love is suffering from hemorrhoids, you are going to be FURIOUS!

While these researchers and scientists are good people doing great work, they are only able to do their work because of the funding they receive.

The funding pays their salaries and provides the equipment and laboratories for them to conduct their research and experiments.

But the dirty little secret is in who is providing the funding and who owns rights to their findings.

Fact is the vast majority of the funding of these projects comes from the medical industry... the same people who produce medication to ease the customer’s pain.

And from what was carefully, quietly and cautiously leaked to me is that these companies make the funding contingent on them owning the legal rights to any findings that are made. If they are able to turn the findings into a product that they can make money on, they do it... and that is fine...

But here's the slap in the face...

If there's a breakthrough that they can't make money on, they still protect their rights with patents and trademarks and so forth...

But then they bury it.

They protect it so no one else can use it, legally anyway... and then they squash it never to see the light of day again.

Think about it... If there was a simple way to cure your hemorrhoids that everyone knew about, and everyone could affordably have access to, the $6 Billion Dollar industry would no longer exist.

They are going to do everything in their power to make sure that never happens.

They are not going to let their precious "cash cow" be slaughtered.

They are protecting it every way they can.

That includes, using the legal system and top notch- blood thirsty vampire lawyers to their fullest potential.

But let me get back to my story...

At this point, I was convinced that my father’s remedy would have a pretty good chance of helping Mary...

So I went to the grocery store and health food store to gather all of the ingredients that the recipe called for. I spent that afternoon preparing the remedy.

As soon as it was ready I took it to Mary and explained the whole story to her because I hadn't mentioned anything about it to her and how it came about...

I was expecting her to be so happy at the effort I made and fascinated by my father’s story... and enthusiastic to try the remedy...

But that was NOT the reaction I got... She thought I was nuts... She thought I totally lost my mind...

She told me, "You're not a doctor! ... What the heck is this crap?"

Once she settled down and after we laughed quite a bit, I was able to convince her to at least try it...

I knew one dose wasn't going to do anything, because the directions said to take it once a day for a minimum of 3 weeks...

And I had to make a new batch every few days. But I wasn't going to tell her that, at least not yet anyway. I had to get her to take the first dose.

Each day the battle became less and less... and within a week she was taking the remedy without question. 

As each week passed, I noticed that she was more relaxed and confident.

But the real proof came when, in the third week, we went to the regular medical examination and her doctor told us her problem was almost gone.

It was amazing!

I couldn't believe it... Richard’s remedy that originated from Japanese monks actually worked!

Over the next few months, Mary and I shared our findings and the remedy with some of our family members. And we received a ton of incredible feedback.

Over the next year more than 50 friends, relatives, acquaintances started living a better life with this amazing cure.

But I wanted to do something more with the remedy... I wanted to make it available to anyone and everyone... So I asked Mary what she thought.

She felt the same as I did, but she was concerned about the legal ramifications that may pop up.

That was a wise concern considering that the hemorrhoid treatment business is HUGE and growing... and the corporate fat cats would go to great lengths to make sure nothing got in their way.

Think about it... In America alone, 15 million people suffer from some form of hemorrhoids. That's nearly one in every 18 people.

And hemorrhoid  treatments can cost as much as $1,000... not to mention the costs of surgery that can be downright mind boggling.

If you add up the evaluation, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation, you can spend as much as $5,000.

That is insane! Especially when you consider that there's natural ingredients from Japanese monks that cost practically nothing that can cure hemorrhoids and make everything feel normal again.

And it only takes a few weeks for everything to get back into and for you to be able to go to the bathroom or even sit as a normal person.

So with all of that taken into account, we decided that we had better consult with our lawyer before we did anything.

And it's a good thing we did because he pointed out some scenarios that we hadn't even considered.

He also confirmed our suspicions that it was highly likely that the sharp shooter lawyers of the hemorrhoid treatment industry would eventually be gunning for us.

Even though the Japanese monks Remedy has been used for centuries... long before the United States even existed... and in my mind I can do whatever I want with the remedy since it was given with the best intentions... fighting this in the court system would take years and probably bankrupt me long before I would even have a shot at winning the battle.

Mary and I certainly had a lot to think about...

We could forget about it and comfortably ride off into the sunset... living out our retirement as we had always planned and prepared for...

OR we could go for it and risk losing everything we had worked so hard to build... we could lose our lifesavings and even our home.

After a week of deep discussion and plenty of umming and arring, we decided that this remedy landed in our laps for a reason. And it wasn't just to be dumped in an old book to be lost, possibly forever.

We knew that by publishing this remedy we could improve the quality of life for people all around the globe... and we could make a huge impact on the world.

So we decided to go for it. But we wanted to do it smart. We wanted to protect ourselves from the legal leaches that were certain to come after us.

We decided to put the remedy recipe into a book and sell it at an extremely AFFORDABLE PRICE.

In the book we also tell you about the Japanese monks, their culture and traditions. The book even tells you about different herbs that they use to heal various ailments.

It really turned out to be an amazing book that is overflowing with value.

And by selling the book, along with the incredible Japanese Monks Remedy that has cured hemorrhoids for over 28,739 people and counting... even at this insanely low price, we have been able to establish a decent legal defense fund.

It's a good thing we did too because it didn't take long for the legal battles to begin.

These vampire lawyers are diligently working to shut us down. Now they are trying to get a court injunction to force us to take the site down even before our arguments have been heard in court.

And if they do succeed in getting the injunction, we will have no choice but to comply... and no longer be able to offer our book and the Japanese Monks Remedy.

That reminds me... I never told you the title of the book...

It's called HemorhoidEasy

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only.

Imagine, in just a few short weeks, you or your loved one could shed the stigma and displeasure associated with hemorrhoids… and finally get your peace of mind back without any unhealthy treatments   or risky surgery.

What would that be worth to you?

Would it be worth $300? Probably. That's the price that my lawyer and accountant thought I should set the price for the remedy and book at...

And that's far less than the cost of a long term treatment... and a heck of a lot less than the cost of surgery.

Considering your options, $300 should seem like a steal to you.

But like I mentioned before, I'm not in this for the money... I have everything I need in life...

My retirement fund is set... my house is almost paid off... I am happy with everything I have.

My goal was to make the remedy available to as many people as possible, while also securing legal protection for me and Mary.

That's what this is about for me.

I wish my father had mentioned this years ago... but I'm sure he forgot about it. It's a great thing that he remembered it …

If I had discovered or remembered the remedy years ago, Mary and I may had avoided the whole situation...

And that's why there is no way I could ever think about charging you $300 for this... or $200... or even $100.

Instead, if you act today on this special website that you are currently on, and decide to change your life, naturally, without the ball and chain of hearing devices or risky surgery...

Mary and I want to give you the entire book along with the Japanese Monk Remedy recipe and all of the instructions you need...

For just $37

That's it. Just $37 bucks.

So all you have to do to get my book, "Hemorrhoid Easy"... and the Remedy recipe now, just click the BUY NOW button that's directly below this presentation.


Only $37

The order is secure and confidential.

You will then be taken to the completely secure triple encrypted checkout page that a top notch systems operator has set up.

And once you complete your checkout, you'll have instant access to the entire thing through the special members only section of the website that we've set up.

You'll be able to open the book and get access to the HemorrhoidEasy Remedy. You'll be able to access everything right on your computer, tablet or smartphone or download them or print out copies so you can take them with you.

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only.

So in just a couple minutes from right now you can begin the process to correct any hemorrhoidal related issue. You can expect to see improvements in just a few weeks. 

There is no risk... The HemorrhoidEasy Remedy is made up of all natural ingredients that you can find at most grocery stores or health food stores.

But the remedy must be taken once a day until your hemorrhoids are completely cured... and then, on occasion to prevent remission.

You will find the instructions in the book.

And there's no financial risk either... I do not want you to feel obligated whatsoever...

If the remedy doesn't work for you as expected, let me know and I will give you your money back right away.


The images are for visualization only.

If at any time in the next 60 days you are not completely satisfied with the results, just email me at the address I'll provide in the private members area and I will refund all of your money, no questions asked.

I want you to feel 100% comfortable in this decision. In fact, with our Rock Solid guarantee in place, you should consider this a "test drive."

By placing your order for my book, HemorrhoidEasy today, you are merely saying, "I'll try it."


Just try it. That's all I ask.

Click the "BUY NOW" button below, get the book and the HemorrhoidEasy today... and remember... you have six full weeks to try it out.

Imagine how the quality of life will improve as it has for Mary, my father and so many others once the gift of serenity is restored...

Do not wait another minute.

Click the BUY NOW button below, get the book and the HemorrhoidEasy right now...

Only $37

The order is secure and confidential.

You have six full weeks to try it out.

But You Need To Act Now!

As I mentioned earlier, if the court injunction that the Hemorrhoid Treatment Industry is lobbying for goes through, we will be forced to shut this site down and you will not have access to HemorrhoidEasy.

If you or a loved one is suffering with hemorrhoids, there is absolutely no time to waste. 

You need to act now.

All it takes is clicking the "BUY NOW" button below... but you have to do it fast.

Only $37

The order is secure and confidential.

This presentation is coming to an end... and this website may not be up even in a week from now.

But just so you know, if you have any issues with the remedy or you need to get in touch with me for any reason, you will have my personal email address...

And even if I am forced to shut the site down and discontinue offering HemorrhoidEasy, I will continue to stand by my guarantee.

So the choice is up to you... There is no hard feelings if you decide to leave this site without getting the book and remedy...

But just remember that the next time you go to through unbearable pain, whether it's a day or a week from now... and you change your mind and decide to come back to this site and try the remedy... it may be too late.

And I don't want you to have any regrets.

Obviously, the choice is yours... But I believe you know what you need to do.

With that said, I recommend you go ahead and click the "BUY NOW" button that you see below this report now... and enter your payment information on the checkout page.

I look forward to hearing about your results.


I wish you all the best, 

William Scott

Only $37

The order is secure and confidential.

Still here? I understand. The information I just shared with you is, shall we say, unconventional. And it definitely conflicts with what is touted in the medical field...

Clearly I can't force you to try this remedy... but what I can do is answer some of the most commonly asked questions so you can make an informed decision.

The most common question I get is how is it possible that the Japanese Monks remedy can completely cure hemorrhoids when everything you've read or heard, even from your family doctor is that there isn't a cure.

As I mentioned earlier, scientists have made great strides with their research in hemorrhoid treatment... they are looking for ways to make the curing process faster, as it naturally happens.

But other experiments over many years have had positive results in treating hemorrhoids... Most of this research has been buried and hidden but it suggests that certain natural compounds can heal and strengthen tissue and therefore, restoring it.

Another big question that I get is, "Why haven't I heard of this before?"

As I mentioned in the presentation, the hemorrhoid treatment companies are outraged that I am even offering this information. I feel that if I keep a low profile, I will be able to continue to provide my book to people who are just looking for answers for a lot longer than if I am shouting it from the rooftops.

Quite frankly, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. And word of my website, The HemorrhoidEasy program is spreading.

The next question I get a lot is "How does the HemorrhoidEasy work?"

As I mentioned earlier, a healthy diet with certain natural chemicals can increase the chances of reducing the pain and discomfort, but synthesizing these substances as efficiently as nature isn’t something modern medicine can do. This is exactly what HemorrhoidEasy does. It uses nature’s treatment to cure this illness.

Now you may be wondering what happens once you click BUY NOW button.

Once you hit the BUY NOW button you see below this report, you will go to our triple encrypted and 100% secure checkout page.

You just enter your payment information and that's it.

And once you complete your checkout, you'll have instant access to the entire thing through the special "members only" section of the website that we've set up. You'll be able to open the book, and access the HemorrhoidEasy recipe. You can view them right on your computer, tablet or smartphone or download them or print out copies so you can take them with you.

Another question you might be curious about is how long does it really take to get results?

Fact is, it is going to vary quite a bit from one person to another depending on the severity of their hemorrhoids. But generally, you can expect to see progress within a couple weeks.

This book has now been shared with more than 28,739 people throughout the world and the vast majority have experienced similar results as Mary and my father did.

Another common question is "how does the guarantee work?"

Here's the thing... I want you to feel completely confident in your investment in my book, " HemorrhoidEasy", and that’s why I'm providing you with a full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. All you have to do is click the BUY NOW button below and download my book and use the Remedy for the next 60 days.

If you don't see positive results after four weeks, or at any time in the next 60 days, or if you're unsatisfied for any other reason whatsoever, simply send me an email to the address that I'll give you and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Okay, only two more questions... "How long will this book be available to the public?”

Well, I can't say for sure, but the legal pressure is building... the medical companies are coming after me and anyone else who posts my remedy... and as I mentioned earlier, they are in the process of hitting me with a court injunction to get me to remove the site and stop offering HemorrhoidEasy.

With that said, I know that time is running out and this window can close at a moment's notice. But just so you know, even when that happens, I will still stand by my guarantee even if I am forced to close my site.

So I guess what this boils down to is that if you're truly serious about treating yourself for good and improving the quality of your life, you need to take action immediately.

And that brings us to the final question... "how can you take action and get "HemorrhoidEasy" book today... This is an easy one... all you have to do is simply click the BUY NOW button below the report and try out the HemorrhoidEasy for 60 days with absolutely no risk. If you're unhappy for any reason you'll be given a prompt refund, no questions asked.

So click the BUY NOW button below. Fill in your payment details and submit your order. I look forward to hearing about your results.

Only $37

The order is secure and confidential.

In order to keep him anonymous, the author used a pen name:William Scott, Mary, Richard Johnson


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